Please Listen, Doc

I didn’t think I’d have to run up and down the halls, screaming like a lunatic, to get the care and attention he needed…

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The Rules Don’t Apply to You

My son’s 3rd birthday is quickly approaching.  And memories of his birth keep flooding my mind.   I thought it would make for a neat record if I were to blog about it.  I’m curious how many stories are parallel to ours? I’m a type 1 diabetic (this fact will come up again) , so […]

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I’m sorry…

“… with your son’s autism…wait,  didn’t I already tell you he had autism?” “No,  no you didn’t.” I mean,  we did kind of assumed.  The flappy hands,  the lack of speech,  the desire to only interact with himself.  But the bluntness she used set me off.  As I was getting over that statement she hit […]

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